History of Media Law

"Die Gleichheit vor dem Gesetz". Karikatur aus der Zeitung "Kikeriki" vom 7.7.1889 mit Bezug auf die verwaltungsbehördliche Einstellung der von Victor Adler herausgegebenen Zeitung "Gleichheit" am 21.6.1889

The history of media law is an interdisciplinary field of research that can be approached from the perspective of jurisprudence, history, or media studies.

My habilitation thesis, “The Development of Press Law in Austria up to 1918,” approved in 2003 and published in 2004, dealt with the period when the media landscape was dominated by the print, or secondary, media. I have plans to publish on history of media law after 1918, which will require investigation of the legal history of tertiary (radio, television) and quaternary media (Internet).

I maintain a separate homepage about my research in this field which also contains the full texts of the most important Austrian censorship and press laws between 1781 and 1902.