Diverse Spectrum of Courses

  • "Legal and Constitutional History of Modern Times"

"Legal and Constitutional History of Modern Times" is a mandatory subject for law students in the first section of the diploma program in law at the University of Vienna. It consists of two parts, the history of public law and the history of private law. In both subsections, the development of Austrian law is presented in connection with other European legal developments, namely on the one hand, the developments in legislation and jurisprudence and, on the other hand, those of the law actually lived. In order to demonstrate the relativity of the law in force today, the attempt is made to approach the current law as well as to present other legal cultures. A special emphasis is put on the legal history of the 20th century, in particular on the period of dictatorships.
Courses in the summer semester 2024

  • "European and Comparative Legal History"

A wide range of supplementary courses, seminars, and lectures on specific topics as well as entire lecture series, are offered in the elective area of the field. There is the possibility to deepen one's knowledge of constitutional and private law history as well as to deal with the history of areas of law that cannot be taught within the framework of the compulsory courses (history of criminal law, history of international law, history of human rights, legal gender studies, etc.).
Courses in the summer semester 2024

  • "European and Global Legal History"

The subject "European and Global Legal History" is taught as part of the Bachelor's program in International Legal Studies. Although the subject "European and Global Legal History" also deals with the most important aspects of Austrian legal history, the focus here is primarily on pan-European, non-European and global developments. Thus, the course deals with Islamic law as well as legal aspects of colonization and decolonization or the emergence of modern international and European law.
Always takes place in the winter semester! (winter semester 2023/24)