Historic Source Collection

The Historic Source Collection (“Quellensammlung”, QUESA) is meant to be a common reference to be for all Practical Exercises/ StEOP Practical Exercises in Constitutional History that are being teached at the Institute.

When studying legal history, working with original source material is essential for understanding. The QUESA consists of a variety of sources relevant for Austrian Constitutional History (mostly normative sources). In addition, the QUESA also consists of many sources relating to the history of private law (starting from source 201 in the QUESA manual) that are discussed in the Practical Exercises.

The QUESA is meant to support students who learn with the Manual (the institute’s exam literature) by providing them with original material to better understand abstract historical developments. References in the QUESA refer to the respective paragraph numbers in the Manual’s 4th and 5th edition.

Furthermore, the QUESA shall prepare students for the questions on Constitutional History during their oral exam.


QUESA 5th Edition

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