Basic information for diploma students

  • In order to be accepted as a diploma student in one of my seminars, timely registration via u:space and by mail (first come, first serve registration) and interest in legal history are required.
  • In order to be credited as a diploma seminar paper, the lege artis written seminar paper must consist of a text with footnotes of about 25 pages (with specified formatting to be followed) as well as a cover page, table of contents and bibliography. The literature used and cited must contain the most important scientific works on the topic, both monographs and scientific articles from professional journals or collective works, whereby 25 publications are generally considered to be the lower limit.
  • For participants in my courses, which can be credited as a seminar for diploma students, who do not yet have any experience in writing a scientific paper, an optional "Introduction to Scientific Work" for diploma students is usually offered each semester after the preliminary discussions on one afternoon/evening (focus on: Citation, bibliography, literature research, tips for writing texts), which is highly recommended.
  • Apart from the supervision during the preparation of the diploma seminar paper, the submitted papers will also be thoroughly reviewed by me before grading and, if desired, provided with suggestions for improvement.
  • It is possible to hand in the diploma seminar paper after the deadline for the diploma seminar grade. More details will be given in the respective preliminary discussions.
  • More detailed information about the offered diploma seminars can be found in the VVZ and the respective Moodle pages.